How to prepare for the "new normal" workplace by Suzy Miller

How to prepare for the "new normal" workplace

Starts May 14, 2020 at 12:00 PM AEST

So the home office is set up and we've survived the first few weeks of this 'new normal'. But just like any massive workplace operational change, it can be exciting and perhaps even liberating for a short while until the reality sets in. We call it the honeymoon phase. Sounds familiar right?
Perhaps your team has been more understanding, your clients have been ok if the odd date has slipped or your employer hasn't panicked if your output hasn't been as high as usual. As we settle into this way of working though, those pressures and expectations will return and what then? 
In our upcoming FREE webinar we go through the six habits of super effective people who work from home.

It's 30 mins of your life that could alter your current work mode significantly. 

What are we covering?

This is a no fluff, to the point FREE webinar that shows you: 

1) The pitfalls of working in isolation and how to stay connected without wasting time
2) Planning and how to schedule ahead to actually get stuff done and limit distractions
3) Negotiating with your new 'co-workers' (partner, housemates, family or furry friends) making time for work and play
4) Online meeting etiquette and how to maintain professionalism
5) When to use email and when to call and when to meet online
6) The importance of start and end of day transitions